Santa Fe Crime Stoppers Disclaimer


Santa Fe Crime Stoppers (“Crime Stoppers”) is a community based program that relies on anonymous tips to solve crimes and to locate fugitives from justice. Without anonymity of callers, the program cannot effectively function.

Crime Stoppers accepts tips through a wide variety of methods, including but not limited to telephone, e-mail, and text message. The terms “caller” and “tipster” refer to a person who uses any approved method to convey information to Crime Stoppers.

Crime Stoppers pays rewards only for anonymous tips. Tipsters who identify themselves are not eligible for payment.

Crime Stoppers pays rewards only after a tipster has contacted the program a second time to determine whether a reward has been approved.

Crime Stoppers will pay rewards only in cash and only to a tipster who is in possession of a valid code number. Crime Stoppers will determine an appropriate way to transfer the reward funds to protect the tipster’s identity.

Crime Stoppers has sole discretion to decide the amount of reward paid for any particular tip, from zero to $1,000.00, but in no case will any reward exceed $1,000.00.

Crime Stoppers will pay rewards only for information communicated directly to it. Information given to another source, for example given directly to law enforcement, will not be eligible for payment of a Crime Stoppers reward.

Crime Stoppers does not pay rewards to any person who has a legal duty to assist in the apprehension of fugitives or criminal suspects. This includes law enforcement, bonding companies, enforcement agents working for bonding companies, and the like.

Crime Stoppers does not pay rewards to bounty hunters, persons who with or without legal authority seek to earn money by locating and/or apprehending fugitives.

Crime Stoppers does not pay rewards to the person who committed the crime for which the reward is offered; to the victim of the crime for which the reward is offered; or to members or employees of the Crime Stoppers board.

Crime Stoppers does not pay rewards for information already in the possession of law enforcement, such as the existence of an arrest warrant.

Crime Stoppers pays rewards only to the first caller with correct information that leads to an arrest. In the event that two or more people contact Crime Stoppers simultaneously, any reward offered will be divided equally among the tipsters, but in no case will the total reward money paid exceed $1,000.00.

Crime Stoppers may not require any caller to identify him or herself; may not demand identification in order to provide tax documents; may not require a caller to agree to testify in court; may not offer a larger reward for disclosure of identity or agreement to testify.

Crime Stoppers may not accept or administer any reward funds raised by others that have conditions above and beyond any conditions imposed by Crime Stoppers, such as payment for testimony or conviction.

Crime Stoppers will not administer any reward fund which offers rewards above the established $1,000.00 cap.

Crime Stoppers will not take calls or information for outside reward funds. Crime Stoppers will endeavor to prevent any outside reward fund from publishing or using the Crime Stoppers phone number to advertise their reward fund.